Traverse City, MI
Posted: 2019-05-11 By: Adam Evanschwartz

KTVC RWY 36 departure

Niagara Falls
Posted: 2018-07-28 By: Shimeng Gao
Des Moines from 8TT
Posted: 2017-12-18 By: Adam Evanschwartz

7,000 MSL & 150 knots ground speed - Easbound over Des Moines

RFC Caravan
Posted: 2017-12-11 By: Michael Whetstone
Going to get new transponder at KRFD

Arrow formation flying

Sunset Eastern Iowa
Sunset Eastern Iowa
Posted: 2017-10-12 By: Michael Whetstone
Sunset Eastern Iowa @7000 MSL

Sunset Eastern Iowa

43Y Northome, MN
32T hanging out with amphibians
Posted: 2016-07-02 By: Judd Meinders

Purdue University visit
Posted: 2016-04-09 By: Shimeng Gao
Rocky Mountain Metro
Posted: 2016-03-03 By: Judd Meinders
Preflight with a view.
2123T Sunset Central Iowa
2123T Sunset Central Iowa
Posted: 2015-08-17 By: Michael Whetstone
Eastbound between Ames and Cedar Rapids in 2123T

2123T Sunset Central Iowa

AOPA Indianapolis Fly-in
@KMQJ with tent
Posted: 2014-05-31 By: Jerry Mattson
Due the the expected high volume of anticipated attendees they offered free camping before and after the event. AOPA reported over 2000 attendees, 475 aircraft at KMQJ and another 60 at KUMP, the reliever airport.

N2123T @ KMQJ

Taking a break at KPDC
Posted: 2013-12-01 By: Jerry Mattson
Nice day for flying, good weather and empty skies!

N2123T at KPDC

Landing at KLRJ (LeMars, IA)
Posted: 2013-10-30 By: Joel Conrad


N2123T at Little Falls, MN
Posted: 2013-07-06 By: Jerry Mattson

Getting ready to head back home.

2123T at Airventure 2012
Posted: 2012-12-03 By: Jim Green
Vijay Pasini flew 2123T to Oshkosh in July. Apparently, his sleeping bag got wet!

An expensive clothesline!

738TT in Kansas City Downtown Airport
Posted: 2012-05-14 By: Kevin Mossey
Downtown Kansas City on Mother’s Day, 2012

738TT @ KMKC

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